Eastover’s Labour Councillors


Tony Heywood

Email: tony@eastover.co.uk

Tony lives in Bridgwater Town Centre with his family. Raised in a close working class family, Tony has always held to Labour values of fairness, equality of opportunity, investment in public services, and in the general principle that a healthy society will always act to protect its poorest and most vulnerable citizens.  Tony strongly supports the work of the Labour controlled Bridgwater Town Council and as a campaigner for town centre residents parking and the 20’s plenty speed campaign he wants to offer his support by bringing his experience to the Eastover community.

Under the guise of ‘austerity’, the Tories have imposed massively damaging cuts to Schools, Social Care, Learning Disability Services, Youth Services, Road Maintenance and more. While Hinkley Point will bring lots of benefits to the town, we must be ready to fight to ensure that the negative impact on local communities is kept to an absolute minimum. The Labour Town Council is the only body that has consistently held EDF to account for  the traffic chaos brought about by their failure to provide a by-pass and already made worse by heavy lorries finding rat runs through side streets that in fact are the heart of the Eastover community.I continue to work hard for the residents and businesses of Eastover.”

Tony Heywood


Chelsea Chadwick

Email: chelsea@eastover.co.uk

Chelsea Chadwick is a young Bridgwater mother who lives locally with her husband and their two children. Chelsea has recently been elected as Women’s Officer for the Bridgwater Branch Labour Party and has been instrumental in setting up the rapidly increasing Labour youth group, and feels that by offering to share her energy and enthusiasm she would really be able to make a difference as a councillor in the Bridgwater Eastover Ward.

I put myself forward as a candidate as I cannot sit back and allow the devastating cuts of the Tories.  As a young working mother, I know firsthand of the struggles people are experiencing – extortionate childcare costs, relentless transport issues and being economically and socially deprived of real opportunities by a Tory government.   I have been a Labour supporter for as long as I can remember – having grown up in an ex-mining village and I know the full extent of how Tory neglect can ruin the livelihoods of thousands of hard working people. Since I was of voting age, I have used my vote for good and to help those around me.

Chelsea Chadwick

Dave Loveridge

Cllr Dave Loveridge
Dave Loveridge

Email: dave@eastover.co.uk
Phone: 01278 458658

Dave has been a County Councillor since 1989, and a town and district councillor since the formation of the new town council in 2002.

Dave is Somerset born and bred, and has lived and worked in Bridgwater since 1970. He worked at the Bonded Fibre Fabric   factory ( BFC) until he was made redundant, going on to subsequent employment at ‘This Is It’ and ‘B and Q’. He lived in Wellington Road, Eastover for over 20 years, so says he is very familiar with problems of residents’ parking!

As such a long serving councillor, Dave has been involved in many key projects. Getting the Eastover Supplementary Planning documents to include Eastover in the official town centre was something Dave worked hard for. ‘Before this, the town centre effectively ended at the town bridge.’ Dave is very keen that the developments planned for Eastover truly reflect the needs of residents. On a day to day level, Dave says his ‘best’ moments are often those where he has successfully resolved particular residents’ issues.